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Safety Training & Education Program

Safety, quality, cost-efficiency, and technical innovation are keystones of our business. Our safety culture fosters a shared set of values that inspire team members to continuously work toward and believe in. We ensure our team has a safety-first mentality by providing an actionable plan, daily safety meetings, continuous training, and a reliable workforce. Our safety training and education program has been designed from the ground up to ensure it contributes to the execution of safe and profitable projects. Alloy’s emphasis on safety has led us to an industry-leading safety performance with a 0.69 composite EMR. 

Alloy’s Engineering and Environmental Business Unit maintains a zero recordable incidents rating. Our Road Map to Zero provides the foundation for achieving zero recordable incidents year after year.

Road Map to Zero Safety Incidents

It all starts with a commitment to the health and safety of our employees, our Partners, the public, and our clients.

We are all on this journey together. Our team members continually look out for each other to ensure that we safely reach our destination.

Leading by example across the company inspires all team members to continuously work toward and believe in making zero happen.

We foster a shared set of values across the company that culminates in a companywide belief in zero. Our strong safety culture provides the compass that translates believing in zero to achieving zero. 

Alloy integrates our clients’ health and safety programs with our own to create a synergistic approach to safety and allowing us to reach the highest-possible safety standards. Though safety can be challenging on sites with multiple contractors and operations, our staff is thoroughly trained and provides leadership to ensure that all tasks are carried out safely and efficiently.


It is our priority to provide the information, tools, resources, and training that will ensure each employee can proactively think through the risks of any situation then identify, reduce, and eliminate any work-related hazards.


Alloy maintains an in-house group of safety professionals dedicated to our safety process of awareness, identification, training, and continuing education for all personnel levels. A team of talented and dedicated bilingual staff assist with communication to ensure all employees understand the requirements of the task at hand.


We expect all employees to actively participate in Stop Work Authority. Every employee has the right, authority, and obligation to invoke Stop Work Authority if they see an action or situation that could cause property damage or injury to workers or the public.

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